12 thoughts on “Breathe Deep

  1. I SO BADLY want to know who was being talked about here. I mean, if it isn’t a celebrity of some sort, I obviously wouldn’t have a clue anyway. But this is kind of like reading comments under a picture of Dominic Sherwood shirtless in a pool and women talking about how their ovaries had exploded.
    I’d never heard that before. Needless to say…it stuck with me.

      • He’s not the best looking guy out there, but he gets bonus points for multiple things.
        1. He’s British.
        2. He can sing really well (I don’t know how well he can act).
        3. He has the most freaking AWESOME eyes I have ever seen. Make sure you get a good look at the eyes when you’re googling.

        Okay, yeah, yeah.
        4. He really doesn’t look that bad without a shirt on, but I can’t claim the same as some of those other people where the ovaries are concerned.
        (WHO SAYS THAT? Do you think that’s weird? I mean, yeah, it’s amazing, but also weird.)

        Wow, I’m turning into a spaz on your comments. I’m sorry!

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