Universal Healthcare

bodyscan“Could you imagine the look on the TSA agents face?”

“Excuse me sir, can you look extra close at that body image and tell

me if my tubes are still tied?”

8 thoughts on “Universal Healthcare

  1. I was asked to try out one of the first body scanners while leaving Calgary a few years ago, they were wanting volunteers to use it. I of course tried it out hoping to see the results, I was very curious what the picture would look like. They asked me to stand by a monitor after the scan, I was disappointed that the monitor only said pass or fail when it was done. I didn’t get to see anything. One of the few times my body passed inspection and I didn’t get a picture, but I was proud it didn’t fail.

    • Definitely not a time when you want a fail.. out comes the rubber gloves and all… 😉

      The last ones I went through a couple months ago just had a generic outline of a person that would light up a “hot spot” if something was suspected.

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