Being Single Has It’s Perks

buffet“That’s the beauty of being single, it’s like a buffet.

You can sample as much as you want.”


9 thoughts on “Being Single Has It’s Perks

  1. Would that this were a truism. Maybe it is for others. As for me, I got a dog for companionship. Cats are too weird and I get a sense of ownership from them. Not sure I’d like being property, esp. to a cat.

    • And considering the ridiculously disproportionate amount of “cat people” that live online, my followers number may drop significantly because of my last comment… I am okay with this, after all, I won’t become a cat’s snack one day.

      • I have actually owned cats that were loyal as dogs, to the point of bringing me a fresh kill every now and then.

        However, if a cat doesn’t eat me, I won’t make suture thread out if its guts. Maybe that’s backwards. Oh well…

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