8 thoughts on “A Wee Bit

      • It is, but they do spit at you for no good reason. I know, cause one of those bastards did it to me while I was in France, didn´t even know there where llamas in France let alone what was a llama, seemed like a horse to me at the time. And I gently approached the “horse” and she spit on me, I was just trying to be friendly. What´s up with all that spitting. They should gag them.

      • I do agree.. It is in rather poor taste to be spat upon. Or to spit upon.

        Rest assured, I am not a llama who spits on people.

        They are strange rather awkward creatures, sometimes beautiful at first glance until you get up close and realize how bizarre they actually are. I was going to say how fitting I feel that is for me, but now suddenly it makes me sound quite weird. And in all actuality, I didn’t set out to become a llama when I chose the picture. I googled funny animals, this was the prettiest one I saw. In my quest to keep my identity ambiguous, I didn’t want a picture of myself. Although I have put my name out there… Lisa

      • I understand,I wasn´t suggesting you put a picture of you. Just one of my stupid little jokes.

        They look like a horse but more furry and longer neck,so now that I think of it they do not look as a horse anyways you look at them.

      • Oh I didn’t think that was what you were implying. Just explaining how I came to be a llama. 🙂

        I did kind of wonder how you thought they were horses… Seriously ugly horses… Haha!

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