17 thoughts on “One Of THOSE People

  1. Until I started taking them to the groomer for hygienic trims on their butts and tails (in particular), my two Persian cats used to drop dingleberries around the house, where I’d find them (always) barefooted.

    Equally bad, for cats and me, was when the dingleberries got impacted in their butt hair and I had to massage them out. That is to say, I had to give two cats regular baths, and neither cooperated. Massaging dingleberries under water off a very upset cat is about as degrading a circumstance as either human or cat must endure. We didn’t do much bonding in those days. 😉

    Too bad the dingleberries they produced weren’t as attractive as the ones you posted above!

  2. My dad used to call people he didn’t like that term. Years later i saw that on Ren and Stimpy. My ex couldn’t understand my hysterical laughter. She also didn’t get the Klingons circling Uranus.

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