Fan Line Of The Week #3

babyhead“You KNOW she had a C-section.  That baby’s head is

way too gorgeous to of been squeezed out of a vagina.”


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16 thoughts on “Fan Line Of The Week #3

  1. Hey, vaginas and that whole “area down there” are having a hard enough time what with brilliant legislators who call the female reproductive system “that whole area down there” ’cause Jesus doesn’t like them to “curse” trying to abscond with chicks’ girly bits rights. You obviously haven’t boogied to the cool song, “Came Out of a Lady” by Rubblebucket 😉 Vaginas are awesome!

  2. Reblogged this on W.T.F. and commented:
    That’s my line!! 🙂 To put it in context…My sister and I were Facebook stalking while watching Kelly & Michael. I stumbled upon a friend’s picture of her newborn baby. As soon as I said this, I thought of Lisa’s blog. She posts the funniest real life one liners you’ll ever hear. She also takes submissions from fans and posts them once a week. How fun! Check her out.

  3. Love all your one liners. I just have to tell you though that the grammar in that is incorrect. I see it all the time and it drives me nuts. Don’t know why, among all the other wildly incorrect grammar and spelling that goes on in cyber world, that this is the one thing that drives over the edge of reason but it does. So, here goes. “That baby’s head is way too gorgeous to HAVE BEEN squeezed out of a vagina. Of and have-two totally different meanings. If it were to be correctly used as it sounds it would have to be written, “too gorgeous to’ve been squeezed out..” but that simply isn’t a word-yet. Maybe we could work on it. Thank you. I am taking my soapbox and going away now. Keep up the great remarks! 🙂

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