42 thoughts on “Don’t Feed Them

      • I get it, they both start with an L and end with an A. Actually Lisa is a beautiful name. Sounds good to the ear.

        You can call me…let´s see, Mr. Charly?

      • That´s great, I actually just wrote it in my cool little booklet where I write phrases and ideas that I see or pup up in my mind. So in the future, if you see a post with that name it´s your fault.

      • I wish I had a phone or i pad to be on the move and still be connected to the internet. I have to sit in front of my crusty Macky, all day if I want to do something.

      • You kidding? What´s the purpose of that?
        In a way better for you since you´ll probably safe money.
        But seriously what´s the purpose of giving iPad´s, even if they are grown and in highschool or university, shouldn´t that be up to the parents.

        I think I should get back to school. Maybe they give me a new computer, a laptop, the latest model, don´t have to work for it. Can you pay me the tuition?

      • Man, do I feel old. It´s going to get to the point when the generation before them won´t even know how to write with a pen on paper, or even know what is a pen.

        Yet again, we live in the an information-digitalise society. I´m old school, I don´t even know how an i-pad works and I mix it up with i-phone, and worst I found there was something I could get into called twitter at age 30! And then all this blogging-social media. Late to the party seems I got.

        Still, isn´t it a bit too much giving them an i-pad at that age.

      • I am with you. I feel a bit behind the times. When I was in high school we took typing, not “tech apps” classes. And I am only a few years older than you!

        It’s funny how quickly things change. Imagine out parents generation, how foreign a lot of this stuff must seem from when THEY went to school!

      • Tech apps classes, it even sound bad.

        My mother goes crazy with these things. Took the rest of the family a couple of years to make her use the internet. She won´t even use the microwave because she´s certain, absolutely certain without a doubt that this machine radiates cancer.

      • We should have a beer together your old man and me. Probably curse the new generation and how society has become so “pussyfied”.

        Now kids all get a trophy in sports? Even when you don´t win? What good is that when they grow up and see the real world and how hard it is.

        I remember my old man, since a very early age, he would wake up in the morning and literally tell me and my little sis, “Alright kids, time to go to war”. Not kidding, life is harsh as we all know so better learn it as soon as possible. What´s up with the kids now.

      • I’m with you! I agree completely.

        My girls work hard and I expect my boys to do the same as they get bigger. Yes, I have a lot of kids. An this being a single mom thing is very interesting.

      • Man o man, single mom. Gotta give it to you, I don´t know how you manage, maybe you are stronger. In some things. I did say maybe though. (wink wink)

        My mom brought up me and little sis, since the old man was always out working. How she did it without killing her? God knows.

      • You kidding me? I can handle kids for….3-4 hours at most. I can handle a rifle and other things that goes with being a soldier or ex-soldier, but kids? They´re worst than the talibanini. When my sister drops her daughter, 3 year old so I take care of her for the afternoon if she wants to go out with her friends, at the end of the day I´m about to commit suicide. Why do they call them kids anyways? They´re monsters sent to drain every once of your stamina. I actually start to fantasize that I´d rather be back in the army in some screwed up country with my buddies rather than with the little monster for the hole afternoon. By myself!

        But she is cute. Plus a responsability.

      • Girls and guns….you gotta love it.
        I still remember the first day they handed us our HK 36 and went to the firing range, line the sights, inhale squeeze trigger slowly as you exhale and….bam! I think the bullet went sideways instead of straight. Didn´t hit the target even if God wanted me to. Just practice and practice and becomes second nature, like everything. Now I practice writing nutty things.

        But I still, after 6 years out, still want that feeling of the rifle sometimes. Do miss it, sounds strange but it´s true.

        Hey, you can teach me writing and I´ll teach you how to shoot, move and shoot, instinctive fire(I´m translating from what they called it in Spanish) all that crap. But is still a good way to take out some frustration, just shoot a knee cap out of one of your kids when they are being naughty.(wink wink)

      • I’d be happy to let you teach me all of those things… if I hadn’t given classes on them myself.. 😉

        Move and shoot, night shoot, low-light, firing from around obstacles like vehicles, clearing a room, AR-15 classes… I have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to weapons.

        My favorite pistol, is my Sig Sauer P239 9mm, or a Kimber UltraCarry 1911 in .45. I also have some shotguns, some revolvers, an AK-47 pistol, and misc. other pistols.

        Like I said.. it may be a serious… “hobby” of mine.

        I don’t shoot as much as I would like, but last time at the range I went with my buddy and we had competitions.. I held my own. We blew the snot out of some terrorist targets, and my first 5 shots after not shooting for almost 2 years were grouped within an inch of one another right int he center of the target. I was quite proud of myself!

      • What am I talking to you about then.
        You know how in the spanish army we call when you clear a room… clean the room! that would be the translation. As if we had a broom on our hands or something and just wiping away the dust.

        When you say low-light, that would be when two of us would “stack” one behind the other, one would fire kneeling down while the other is behind standing? would be my guess.

        Didn´t know there was a pistol AK, I only fired the AK 47 rifle. Know, so you know your guns. Hell, I think we should team up and just go to Afganishit together, undercover, the talibanini would see us and be so desorientated by the situation that they would just drop their weapons and run.

        We used as a side arm the Barrette 9 mm, standard issued for all. Then the C-9 rocket launcher, 50 caliber, 40 mm grenade launcher, MG machine gun. Didn´t liked it too much, since after 100 rounds the barrel(said that correctly barrel?) “cañon” in spanish, would overheat. Shot with the M-4, m-16, SAW, M-60 machine gun, but those last three where when we where with the Americans, we exchanged weaponry and spend a couple of days just having fun shooting at…nothing really just at the dessert. Funny thing? Some U.S soldiers thought I was a U.S soldier. I was the only guy in my company that could speak decent english. I also had the urge of robbing them of their equipment, man if we had that many bullets to use and that many weapons for my platoon, it would have been much more easier. But as we said in the Legion, do more with less. Pumps your self up, but really? We couldn´t do shit, since we where always low on ammunition and didn´t get all the light automatic weapons and rocket launchers that we needed to sustain a full out assault. Every 5 minutes there was some seargeant screaming “watch out with the amunition or how much do you got”

        Anyways, won´t get into it too much cause I´ll spend the hole day talking about it. Sort off strange.

        Yeah, you do have a serious “hobby”, but I´m quite certain you work at a shooting gallery. Sell me a gun will you?

      • I actually don’t work anywhere.. I do some stuff on websites and what not.

        And yes, “barrel” is correct. I have a pic of my AK pistol, whats your email, I will shoot it over to you, so you can see it.

        Low-light is shooting in very dim light… dark rooms, moonlight, etc etc how to target and sight under those conditions. What you are describing I would call “team entry” or “team clearing”.

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