Under Garment Debate

lacy“I am sure there are some husky women out

there that wear them. Not me, I’m a lace panties kind of girl.”


22 thoughts on “Under Garment Debate

  1. Gone are the days when my washing line looked like a dental floss convention with teeny weeny gstrings flapping in the breeze. Post children I’ve gone practical, bigger pants, sometimes not even matching bra. A sad state of affairs. La Perla I miss you!

  2. Agree with sarijj! No panty lines here!

    Wait, does that still count if one isn’t wearing anything that could cause that in the first place?

  3. Sorry, for the late comment,you made me go to the bathroom….

    Thank you whoever invented these dental floss. You know those one that actually have a hole in the middle? Quite practical really.

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