16 thoughts on “Ugly Offspring

      • I never saw rubber shoes sandals in heels. Of course is sexy a woman in heels, but sandals in heels? never saw them plus I´d probably wouldn´t be able to distinguish them from normal shoes plus if it´s already uncomfortable for girls to walk in high heels can´t imagine walking on those, must be some new type of torture.

        Which if you think about it we can use to put them on the crazy nuts there in Gitmo as a form to complement with water boarding.

      • I have a bunch of strappy high heeled sandals, but no rubber flip flop sandals in high heels.

        I do think it would be great torture at Gitmo for the prisoners to have to wear stilettos!

      • And they could put make up on them, then make them join a circus and do flips and for all the American public to see live. That would be something, if they had done that they would have probably given up Bin by by Laden earlier.

      • Al-qaeda, Putin and little Kim all three up there on stage.

        You and me about 100 yards back target shooting.
        Sounds like a good plan to me.

        Told you we should become Presidents.

      • And Fidel Castro, this bastard has been around for 60 years and he´s still alive. 50 attempts by the CIA to kill him and there he is happy as a hyppo.

        P.S: Common Lama, Chavez died a year ago from cancer, he´s already out of the game. We can resucitate him and kill him again though.

      • I remembered that as soon as I hit reply! But shoot, if we are resurrecting dead dictators to shoot we may as well pull up Hitler and Mussolini.

        Fidel can definitely be up there.

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