26 thoughts on “No Disguises

      • Seems so, but for a lot of guys they do feel pressure to look good and work out so you ladies can look at those precious muscles. I don´t remember the term when growing up of “metrasexual” that´s a screwed up term, don´t like those types of guys, waxing their body going to the gym every hour of the day…come on, we are guys we have hair in the chest(some more than others), seems a bit of insecurity to me. I´m not buff, I used to be but that was determined by my job at the time, I don´t look at myself too much in the mirror except when I shave, loosing hair…. and then I fart my way through the house 🙂

      • I think “normal” guys are the best looking. The ones I find the most attractive are “ordinary” by most standards, but they have something about them that makes them special. Personality, brains, kindness… Etc etc.

      • Each to his or her own. Although if you had a Brad Pitt standing knocking at your door and you wouldn´t let him in I would think you´re from another planet.

        I just don´t give too much of a s..t as to how I look. I look how I look so I better be fine with it since I´m the one who looks at myself in the mirror when I wake up. Some month a bit chubby ( beer belly 🙂 ….joking. Other months or years more skinnier, I´m good with it, not something that occupies my mind that much. As a matter of fact it doesn´t at all.

        But I do understand that for women is much more different. And if you think about it is much more women against women who pit themselves against each other and talk bad about each other mostly flying under the radar of the other woman, but they make sure the other one notice it. Just a thought.

  1. Reblogged this on Windchimes and Dreamcatchers and commented:
    I agree, there are no disguises, but looks can be quite deceiving 😉
    I really like this!! Since I haven’t posted in a while thought I would share this post & this blog. “Line of the Week” is awesome, might want to check it out more posts ☮

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