Job Choices

twerk“Probably better money in it than my short lived twerking career.”


238 thoughts on “Job Choices

  1. Going between both of y’alls blogs and reading all the comments is making me dizzy. Y’all are crazy! Plus I am pretty sure I don’t like you buddy! She dumped me for you and then y’all have this long comment conversation rubbing it in my face…not cool. Not cool at all. *snort*

    • Seriously don’t understand why I can’t reply directly to you. But anyway….I might like. Depends on what you can offer? What kind of bribes are we talking about here?

    • I don’t have much to offer up front, but I do have one thing you just can’t beat- connections!
      I can make you a star! An actor, I know Universal Studios! A writer, I know Pendant Publishing! A tweeter, I know Twitter! An actual star, I know the guy who registers them and he’s really lax!

      Any other career, I can’t help you. I only know like, ten people.

    • Well honestly none of those appeal to me. I don’t like being the center of attention for any reason what so ever. My twins however LOVE it. But they are only 3 what do they know. However I think I might like you. Using your 10 friends and connections to try and win me over might just work. I will have to sleep on it though and get back to you tomorrow.
      I will have my people call (message) your people and let you know what the verdict is. 😉

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