238 thoughts on “Job Choices

  1. Going between both of y’alls blogs and reading all the comments is making me dizzy. Y’all are crazy! Plus I am pretty sure I don’t like you buddy! She dumped me for you and then y’all have this long comment conversation rubbing it in my face…not cool. Not cool at all. *snort*

    • Seriously don’t understand why I can’t reply directly to you. But anyway….I might like. Depends on what you can offer? What kind of bribes are we talking about here?

    • I don’t have much to offer up front, but I do have one thing you just can’t beat- connections!
      I can make you a star! An actor, I know Universal Studios! A writer, I know Pendant Publishing! A tweeter, I know Twitter! An actual star, I know the guy who registers them and he’s really lax!

      Any other career, I can’t help you. I only know like, ten people.

    • Well honestly none of those appeal to me. I don’t like being the center of attention for any reason what so ever. My twins however LOVE it. But they are only 3 what do they know. However I think I might like you. Using your 10 friends and connections to try and win me over might just work. I will have to sleep on it though and get back to you tomorrow.
      I will have my people call (message) your people and let you know what the verdict is. 😉

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